I am new to this blogging thing. And, I doubt anyone is reading this. But, if you are, congratulations! You get to read crap.

20th January 2011


Today Was a Good Day. Surprisingly So.

So, today, I had two midterms.  First, I had my World History Midterm.  200 questions on topics ranging from World Religion, to The Age of Exploration.  I was the first to finish my test, and I was quite confident that I had done well.  I then had to worry about my Spanish 2 Midterm.  Which was my last, and coincidentally, only hard exam.  So, immediately after finishing my first exam, I opened up my Spanish 2 book, and started from page 1, and read all the way to page 100, which covered all of the topics on the exam.  I was utterly confused.  Then I had to go to Science, which was boring.

  After Science I had a study hall, in which me and 3 other people from my Spanish class got together to study.  Well, that’s why we got together.  That’s not what we ended up doing.  I actually started studying, while the other 3 were talking.  One of them, confident she would get an A, didn’t even bother to bring her stuff.  The other 2 had their books, but didn’t even open them.  When my Study Hall teacher came over, she stared quizzing us, on random questions from our book, to help us prepare.  I barely knew any of them.  The girl got every answer right,  and the other two boys just looked ahead blankly.  I felt doomed.  

And, then lunch.  Which was boring.  Because I don’t buy lunch, nor do I bring anything to eat.  But, enough of that.  After lunch, I went back to Study Hall.  In which, my teacher informed me, I got a 96 on my History Exam.  Which really made me confident.  Out of 200 questions, I only got 8 wrong.  So, I felt a little better about the Spanish 2 Exam, also realizing, it was going to be all Multiple Choice, or Cierto/Falso (True/False).  Which helped me relax.  My heart skipped a beat, when I heard the bell ring.  Time for the Spanish 2 Exam.  

Well, sadly, I was almost late to my Exam.  I was slow.  Ooops.  I got in, sat down, and looked at the test.  It wasn’t too bad at all.  I was over exxagerating to myself, at how bad it would be.  It was only 150 Multiple Choice, and 20 Written.  The 150 blew by quickly, and kind of oddly, considering most of the answers went “A-A-A-A-B-B-B-B,” but I was confident in my answers.  I handed that portion in, and settled in on the 20 questions.  They were simple common questions, and I really only had problems with 3 of them.  So, once that I was handed in, I realized I was only the 2nd person done.  Oh well.  

After 40 minutes of blankly staring at the wall, and passing notes, I finally got on my bus to go home.  I get home, and I get great news.  I got 1600 Microsoft Points, which I used to purchase Pacman: CE DX, and IloMilo.  I may, or may not end up writing reviews on them.  Currently, I am leaning towards doing them.

That about sums up my day.  I hope whoever reading this has a good day as well (Noone is reading this, but whatever), and I will post more whenever I darn well feel like it.  Bye.   

20th January 2011

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I am at least 98% amused! Might be 100%, but there’s a two percent margin of error.

This amused me 85%, and the other 15% of amusement came from watching my mother’s reaction to this.  

20th January 2011



Probably my laptop, as, it is how I do most of the things I love.  

19th January 2011


Life, as of so far. Midterms, etc.

So, life as of so far has been okay.  I am just an ordinary Freshman in High-school.  I don’t do much.  I play video-games, skateboard, and I like to write.  I decided to try out this blog, because blogging seems like a new way to express myself, anonymously, to whomever wishes to read my nonsensical ramblings.  Currently, I should be sleeping, as I have two midterms tomorrow, but I am not tired.  I am going to wake up in 5 hours, and study, a lot.  I have my World History Accelerated Exam, and my Spanish 2 Exam tomorrow.  The World History Exam will be easy, 250 multiple choice, I will ace it.  On the other hand, Spanish 2 will be quite challenging, and sad enough to say, I would be lucky to get a C.  Which, with my parents, is unacceptable.  But, as much as it pains me to say, I am not good at Spanish.  I do not understand it, and I hate doing it.  I have absolutely no problem with any other subject.  But, Spanish is just too hard.  But, enough of that.  Lately I have been playing a lot of Minecraft.  It is an amazing game, which can be purchased in Beta, as of right now, for somewhere between 15-20 U.S. $.  (Woah, way too many periods there.)  Aaaand, I’m back.  Sorry about that.  Apparently I type like an enraged bear, and my dad could hear me.  So, I had to go to bed.  Now it is a new day, and I have two midterms.  Yay.  I really don’t have an idea of what I am going to be putting on this blog.  But, its not like people are going to read  it anyway.  Though I do not know how this site works, in promoting lesser known blogs.  This is all for now, expect another update, whenever I darn well feel like it, imaginary reader.